Garmin Portable Friction Mount (010-10908-02)

Friction Mount

Technical Features for Garmin Portable Friction Mount

The Garmin 010-10908-02 is a portable friction mount. This accessory does slide on the dash and has a foil inside to allow it to be molded to fit various dash contours. The arm attachment connects directly to your GPS device, and locks into place.

010-10908-02 Features:

  • Portable Friction Mount
    -(No Installation Required)
  • Mold to Shape of Dash or Console
  • Connects Directly to GPS Device
  • Must Use The Bracket That Came With The Unit To Connect It To This Mount

Works with Garmin Models:
  • aera: 500, 510, 550, 560
  • dezl: 560LMT, 760LMT
  • nuLink: 1690 LIVE, 1695 LIVE
  • nuvi: 1100, 1100LM, 1200, 1250, 1260T, 1300, 1300LM, 1300T, 1350, 1350LMT, 1350T, 1370T, 1390LMT, 1450, 1450LM, 1450LMT, 1450T, 1490LMT, 1490T, 200, 200W, 205, 205W, 2200, 2250, 2250LT, 2300, 2300LM, 2350, 2350LMT, 2350LT, 2360LMT, 2360LT, 2370LT, 2450, 2450LM, 2455LMT, 2455LT, 2457LMT, 2460LMT, 2460LT, 2475LT, 2495LMT, 2497LMT, 250, 250W, 255, 2555LM, 2555LMT, 2555LT, 2557LMT, 2558LMTHD, 255W, 2577LT, 2595LMT, 2597LMT, 2598LMTHD, 260, 260W, 265T, 265W, 265WT, 270, 2757LM, 275T, 2797LMT, 2798LMT, 295W, 30, 3450, 3450LM, 3490LMT, 350, 3550LM, 3590LMT, 3597LMTHD, 360, 370, 3760LMT, 3760T, 3790T, 40, 40LM, 42, 42LM, 44, 44LM, 465LMT, 465T, 50, 500, 5000, 50LM, 52, 52LM, 54, 54LM, 55, 550, 55LM, 55LMT, 56, 56LMT, 600, 610, 650, 65LM, 65LMT, 660, 66LM, 66LMT, 670, 680, 750, 755T, 760, 765T, 770, 775T, 780, 785T, 850, 855, 880, 885T
  • nuvifone: G60
  • RV: 760LMT, 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera
  • SafeNav
  • StreetPilot: c510, c530, c550, c580, i2, i3, i5
  • zumo: 220, 350LM, 390LM, 660, 660LM, 665, 665LM

The Garmin Portable Friction Mount has many exciting features for users of all types. The Garmin Portable Friction Mount is sold as a Brand New Unopened Item.
  • Technical Features

Customer Product Reviews

(2 Reviews)

Portable Friction Mount

Written By: Dangelo

I always carry my navigation unit everywhere I travel because of which gives a good reason to carry my new 010-10908-02 portable friction mount along with me. This friction mount has a foil inside which allows it to be molded and mounted to any dash ......Read More

Better Than Previous

Written By: Maxx

My previous navigation unit which was very costly was stolen when I went to the stadium to watch the FIFA world cup, as the mount to which I fixed it did not lock my navigator properly. So I bought the new 010-10908-02 Friction Mount which has an arm......Read More

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Brand New Includes One Year Warranty

Returnable Item: 30 Day Guarantee i

Reg. Price:$37.95
Sale Price: $29.95
Garmin nuMaps Lifetime North America

(800) 721-1373

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