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Recreational activities are the best ways to get close to nature. When you try to get close to nature then you have to ditch the effectiveness of technology that we are so used to in the urban world. You have to bring out the cave person in you – well, not entirely. With Garmin Outdoor Recreational products you can take your outdoor adventures to a totally different level.

More Adventure! Less Worry!

You may venture in the wild and away from the grid, but you can still stay in touch with your amigos - as long as you’re carrying a Garmin handheld satellite communicator. These handheld satellite communicators from Garmin are built for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to wander farther and experience more - without endangering their loved ones‘ peace of mind.

Be Adventure Ready!

Garmin's handhelds are built to military standards so that they can withstand extreme environments. They are even compatible with night vision goggles. A built-in LED Flashlight can be used as a beacon to signal for help. Rather than relying on cellphone coverage, now your messages, SOS alerts, and tracking can be carried via the global Iridium satellite network. The handhelds are equipped with GPS, GLONASS, Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass sensor to guide you on and off the beaten path.

Track-n-Train your dogs!

With Garmin's Multi-dog Tracking GPS and Remote Training Device, you can track and train your dogs efficiently. These dog trackers measure each dog's directions, speed, and distance. At a time you can track up to 20 dogs with these spot dog units. Now train and control your furry friend to stop chasing unwanted games. With Garmin's Dog Tracker and trainer, you will always know your surroundings as it comes preloaded with TOPO U.S. 100K maps.