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GPS Handheld Receiver
Garmin # 010-00864-01

Returnable: 30 Day Guarantee i
Handheld GPS
& 3-Axis Compass

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Garmin handheld GPS systems are quite literally the key to outdoor excitement and adventure. Geochacing is an exploration game you play using GPS technology, a high-tech treasure hunt in the palm of your hand. The objective is to find hidden locations, otherwise known as “caches”, in your surrounding area. g.factoryoutletstore.com is offering you a full line of outdoor handheld devices, includding Garmin eTrex, touchscreen Oregon GPS with high-sensitivity GPS receiver, Garmin GPSMAP, WAAS-enabled GPS Receiver, Waterproof Geko Units, Colorado and Foretrex GPS units. In most caches you will find a logbook, pen, and non-perishable, non-valuable trinkets. Garmin handhelds are designed for outdoor enjoyment, so this is the perfect treat for those want to get the most out of their rugged, user-friendly device.