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Whether you travel in a group or alone, you can always have a smart passenger with you in the vehicle - the Garmin Dash Cam. These compact dashboard cameras are witnesses to your entire drive, recording each second of your journey without pause. The dash cams capture high-quality videos with a wide field of view along with the time and GPS location data. They automatically detect any incidents and saves the footage along with the time and location details. You can play the footage right on the camera screen. You can also connect the dashcam to your smartphone and review the footage using the Garmin Drive app. At FactoryOutletStore, we have curated a category where you can buy Garmin dash cameras online .

The invisible passenger you can trust

Garmin Dash Cams are compact and discreet and follow your trips throughout your drives, capturing the journey nonstop. They also alert and warn you on the way about a possible forward collision and lane departures. The dashcams also ensure the safety and protection of the vehicle when parked. Its parking mode starts recording if any motion is detected while the car engine is not running. Do you need 360-degree coverage? Garmin dashcams auto-sync feature enables it to connect wirelessly with up to four dashcams. Install one each at the sides, front and back, and get a virtually 360-degree coverage of your drives. You can easily see the footage from all the dashboard cameras on the Garmin Drive app. 

Your third "Smart" eye

Garmin Dash Cams provide a Travelapse video capture feature that condenses hours of driving into minutes of highlights. You can easily share this Travelapse video with your friends using the Garmin Drive app. The Garmin Drive app also provides alerts and subscription-free updates for red light cameras and speed cameras. Garmin dashcams have built-in Bluetooth and WiFi for connectivity with your smartphone and the app. But that's not all! Say "OK, Garmin," and your dashcam is ready to listen to your voice commands. You can start or stop a recording or even save a video or picture, all using your voice. Installing a Garmin dashcam in your vehicle is installing your third "smart" eye. It'll record even what you missed in a blink. It will keep you alert and aware on the go. It will enhance your drive, that's for sure!