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Technical Features for Garmin City Navigator® NT
Australia & New Zealand

Product # 010-11875-00 (microSD™/SD™ card)

The City Navigator Australia & New Zealand NT contains detailed map coverage of Australia & New Zealand, covering over 1.3 million km of road, including rural areas. The most detailed street maps are provided allowing ease of navigation to any address or intersection. It includes major motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads. For devices with the 3D feature, City Navigator Australia & New Zealand NT offers enhanced junction view along with turn-by-turn directions. Millions of points of interest such as restaurants, lodging, attractions, petrol stations, shopping and more are included.

City Navigator® Australia & New Zealand NT Features:

  • Navigational Software
  • Download Detailed Maps of Australia & New Zealand
  • Displays 1.5 Million Points of Interest Throughout the Region — Restaurants, Lodging, Attractions, Petrol Stations, Shopping and more
  • Includes Additional Speed Camera Locations
  • Gives turn-by-turn Directions on your Device
  • Now Includes Speed Limit Details for Most Major Metropolitan Areas in Australia
  • Additional Junction Views and 3D Landmarks on your Unit
  • Turn Restrictions, Speed Categories and other Navigation Features
  • Click Here for Coverage Map

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